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Vincent Holloway

Managing Director (Design, Experience)

Ngaire (5)
Oliver Hickman

Managing Director (Finance, Construction)

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Marius van Heerden

Chief Financial Officer

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Hamish Cochrane

Development Manager

Veena Parasuraman

Senior Accountant

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Wendy Weekes

Projects Accountant

Emma Hartnell

Development & Projects Co-Ordinator

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Laura Masters

Customer Care Manager

Ngaire Baker

Property Manager

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Anna Meikle

Property Management – Accounts & Administration

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Ryan White

Land Acquisitions

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Freedom Holloway

Heritage Home Consultant

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Courtney Mayall

Heritage Home Consultant

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Hannah Colenbrander

Heritage Home Consultant

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Ash Holloway

Heritage Home Consultant

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Janine Murray

Heritage Home Consultant

Danni Barnes

Heritage Home Consultant

Toby Cartwright

Heritage Home Consultant

Ngaire (1)
Richard Burt

Heritage Home Consultant

Love where you live with a Brooksfield home

Far too many people settle for a home that’s well, just generic. That’s why we started Brooksfield.
We set about building new homes, but not just any homes, homes you’d love to live in.